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Welcome to Masala Lounge, We trust that you will have a truly unique and distinctive dining experience whilst indulging yourself with the true taste of fine Indian cuisine. From the seemingly infinite diversity of culinary creations existing throughout the Indian subcontinent we have chosen to present some of the more characteristic, yet legendary dishes. The common term "Curry" is an English adaptation of a Tamil word "Kari" meaning in effective a "seasoned sauce" and traditionally applied to identify Indian cuisine as a whole.

Incredibly varied, Indian cuisine is a combination of many nationalities and cultures. The most elaborate dishes came from the north and were inherited from the invading Persian Moguls. Pulaos and Biryanis are rich and lavish due to the ingredients used in the abundance of meat, ghee, nuts and saffron. The north Indian Kormas with their savoury souces, kebabs and tandoori dishes, complemented by home made wheat breads such as Chappatis, Parathas and Naan are world renowned.

Hot, spiced tea is the favourite drink in the cold north Indian winter. In southern India, where for the most part, people are vegetarians, rice is the staple food and is served throughout the meal. The dishes are also hotter than the northern dishes with chillies being a popular ingredient, as well as large amount of coconut oil and coconut milk.

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