The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre Showtimes


6:30pm 20 March


Two teams of comedians and improvisers go head to head in a battle of epic proportions! The battleground is knowledge! Hosted by Oliver Probert, only ONE team will emerge victorious! Come down for an evening of banter and competition, with some of the finest performers In Wellington. 

6:30pm Tuesday 20 March, Tickets $10/$13/$16 doorsales or via Fringe Website:

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24 March, 2pm & 4pm

The girls are back! The chicks behind the scenes of Bogan Yoga™ are super excited to be heading to The NZ Fringe Festival 2018 for a special Wellington comeback show.   SATURDAY 10 & 24 MARCH 2pm & 4pm.

Bogan Yoga™ hit New Zealand as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival in 2015 creating a fitness craze that rocked Wellington.  Ditching yoga pants in favour of Adidas three stripes and swapping world music with rock music, this trend raised some eyebrows and quite a few devil horn hand signs in the process.

SATURDAY 24 MARCH 2pm & 4pm, 15+, $20 

At the Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre, The Courtyard, 100 Courtenay Place Wellington.

(Note this performance contains adult themes and is recommended for mature audiences aged 15 and over)

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Photographer: Alexander Hallag



Wed 14 March - Fri 16 March, 6:30pm 

What do two seasoned improvisors do to spice up their stage life? Bring in a third player! Each night, a new guest joins Jennifer O'Sullivan and Matt Powell on stage for an hour of fresh theatrical magic. The catch? Nobody, except our specially-selected improv couples therapist, knows who the guests are until they walk out on stage. "The bar is set high. Will the chemistry be just as good with the next mystery guests? Take the risk – it's bound to pay off." — Theatreview Winner, "Tastiest Show", 2016 New Zealand Fringe AWKWARD THREESOME 8pm, Tuesday 13 - Friday 16 March The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre, 100 Courtenay Place Tix: $12-18 from


6:30pm Wed 14 March - Fri 16 March,

Brains are funny things. Clarissa Chandrahasen’s certainly is. Comedian, storyteller, and former psych ward resident, Chandrahasen is a revelation in this incredibly true (and incredibly funny) story of her journey through the New Zealand mental health system. Essential viewing for anyone who cares about mental health. Which should be everyone.

6:30pm Wed 14 March - Fri 16 March, Tickets $7/$9 doorsales or via Fringe website

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9:30pm Wednesday 14 March - Friday 16 March

Muti-award winning international cabaret star Amber Topaz takes you on an arousing, amusing, anecdotal romp through life, love and libido. Full of mind blowing, fascinating biological facts. Intertwined with mad musical numbers highlighting the absurdity of human behaviour under the influence of hormones. An uplifting, thought provoking, journey through conception, chemistry and the quest for human connection. Inducing belly laughs and moist.....tear ducts. 

"An explosion of charisma & stage presence unmatched between music & song, comedy & seduction" GQ Magazine.   

9:30pm Wednesday 14 March - Friday 16 March, Tickets $13/$15/$18 doorsales or via Fringe website:

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Saturday 17 March
Episodes on the hour every hour 12pm - 10pm


Once upon a time, on a peninsula not so far away, lived a town of strangely familiar characters living strangely normal lives… Folklore and fairytales are transported to modern-day Miramar in this ten hour improvathon. 

You followed them into the stars in Deep Space Naenae, across the waves in Lyall Baywatch, and back to school in 13: The Soap; now Soap Factory wants to take you on a fantastical journey into the everyday. Starting at 12pm, with new episodes hourly and a cast of hilarious and talented improvisors powering through till 10pm, this is improv at its most intense - a single unfolding story over 10 hours. Come for just one episode, or stay and find out who will get their happy ending! 

Featuring Soap Factory performers: Christine Brooks, Clare Kerrison, Dianne Pulham, Jennifer O'Sullivan, Kate Wilson, Matt Powell, Sam Irwin, Steven Youngblood, and Wiremu Tuhiwai, as well as special guests.

“You won't regret it. This is impressively epic improv.”
“The audience is happily won over – and stays that way.”
Theatreview, Deep Space Naenae, Fringe 2017

“By the cliffhanger ending of episode two, I'm hooked. The plot is too thick to describe; metaphors are now as deep as the ocean they are protecting. The 4 episodes I see each increase in depth and tension, and having to go to the foyer in between episodes feels like the buffering symbol on a Breaking Bad binge... Can't wait to sink my teeth into next season, buoy, it's going to be good!” 
Theatreview, Lyall Baywatch, Fringe 2016

“These guys are getting better and better, so if you see them advertised, go” 
Theatreview, 13: The Soap, Fringe 2015

$10 per episode - come three times and the rest are on us!

Tickets at the door or via Fringe website: 


8:30pm Monday 19th March

Have you ever wanted to try Stand-Up Comedy? Of course you have! Why wouldn't you?! Sir Cedric doesn't know if he ever wanted to be a Stand-Up Comic but it's happened. He's walked out of the wilderness and found himself up there in the bright lights of expectant failure. What could possibly go wrong? Whatever could go wrong probably will, but it's ok because he's brought some friends along to help out...are they really his friends? Almost certainly not. Daphne The Enthusiast, Julie Christie, Dave The Racist and Not Funny Pete will help ease Sir Cedric's pained attempts on stage. Or they'll just kick him in the face whilst he's down. M.C. Emcee holds it all together/makes no effort to stop it all fall apart. Great.

8:30pm Monday 19th March (other shows 5th-9th and 20th-23rd March at various locations: check out for details)
Tickets Koha doorsales or via Fringe WEBSITE


8pm, Tuesday 20th - Saturday 24th March

Welcome to The Blender, where true-life stories and high-speed comedy are blitzed for maximum flavour. Witness BaseJump Improv's talented team of improvisers as they explore and explode the true-life stories from our very special guest storyteller into a mind-blowing evening of improvised comedy.

Tickets: $10-15 at the door or from Fringe website:
New Zealand Fringe Festival

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9:30pm Tuesday 20th March - Saturday 24th March

Late Night Laughs is a late night comedy showcase featuring a mix of international and local acts. An hilarious hour of comedy, every show is different and guaranteed to make you laugh.

Tickets $10-18 doorsales or via Fringe website:

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6:30pm Thursday 22nd March - Saturday 24th March

A play for voices. Come and experience the joy of rhythmic and poetic storytelling.

This show has been created through a public story sharing and feedback format. Members of the Nelson and Tasman communities came together to tell their stories about mountains and water. These were crafted into 'The Girl who Climbed a Mountain and Saved the World.'

A pair of green gumboots encounter a giant eel, a traveller gives himself to the Ganges and a young girl gazes up at Mount Taranaki... will the mountain move once more?

Reminiscent of Dylan Thomas' 'Under Milk Wood.' Uplifting, new, NZ theatre.

Tickets $11-15 doorsales or via Fringe website:

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STORY & LAUGHTER (last Sunday of the month storytelling)

25 March – 22 December 2018
4 – 5:30pm

Storytelling is the reason people invented fire: to stay up late listening to stories. If you believe that, you’ll believe all of our tall tales are true! You’re just our kind of audience.

Storytellers bring old tales to life with lively interpretations, new tales to light; some tales come from the moment and some are finally revealed. All are crafted with care for your enjoyment. If you’re bored hearing the same old family stories over dinner again, come and hear some new tales (or, if those tales are so good that they should be shared, here is the place to do it).

Each month there will be feature tellers and stories as well as an opportunity to share tales yourself or pick up some ideas to create them. Look out for our different themes.

Please be aware that whilst there is no age restriction, generally tales are told by adults for adults, so parental guidance may or may not be required.

Last Sunday of each month: next show is Sunday 25th March 4:00pm-5:30pm

Tickets: Koha kindly accepted at the door

Eventfinda listing CLICK HERE

All dates:            

Sun 25 Mar 2018, 4:00pm–5:30pm

Sun 29 Apr 2018, 4:00pm–5:30pm

Sun 27 May 2018, 4:00pm–5:30pm

Sun 24 Jun 2018, 4:00pm–5:30pm

Sun 22 Jul 2018, 4:00pm–5:30pm

Sun 26 Aug 2018, 4:00pm–5:30pm

Sun 30 Sep 2018, 4:00pm–5:30pm

Sun 28 Oct 2018, 4:00pm–5:30pm

Sun 25 Nov 2018, 4:00pm–5:30pm

Sat 22 Dec 2018, 4:00pm–5:30pm

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