Q&A with Pure Pinche Tex Mex

We spoke with Richard, the outgoing chef behind Puro Pinche Tex Mex located in The Courtyard. Richard is definitely passionate about the meals he creates considering he's a Texan himself! You absolutely have to give his taco's a whirl next time you're in the Centre. Have a read below about his background and his passions...

What are some of the exciting menu items we should try from your kitchen, and which one is your favourite?

My menu us all about simple, high quality ingredients slowed cooked with care. Which item is my favourite? They’re all my favourites which is why they’re on my menu! I love food! I especially love Tex/Mex! There are all favourite recipes of mine, inspired by my home town in San Antonio, Texas.

As we say in Texas “Never trust a skinny chef!”

What makes your kitchen unique?

Fast, slow cooked and authentic Tex/Mex

Where do you buy your produce from?

Besides a few items imported from Mexico, I always aim to buy the highest quality locally sourced ingredients possible.

What is your favourite place in Wellington to eat, drink and be merry in?

I love Wellington’s theatre scene. There’s always a show somewhere in town and with all the great restaurants here in Wellington you can be sure that good food is just a short walk away.

What’s your secret to keeping your customers happy and coming back for more?

No secrets here. I just try my best to have a good attitude and even better food!

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